Since 1886 the Daisy Company has been making BB guns, and since then kids have considered owning one to be a right of passage. Right now I only have fiber optics on the front sight of one of my BB guns and one of my pistols, which I hardly ever shoot over 10 to 15 yards. My particular example had a loud sharp crack that was very annoying and not present in a typical spring rifle. RWS Hobby, Superdomes and Meisterkugeln Rifle 8.2gr. PA seems to be out of everything that has been recommended and that's all I could find locally. with both a coil spring and a gas spring, and it should give you a general idea of the differences. Mr. B,I was consumed by noise reduction for some time. The lighter weight causes the pellet to travel that much faster and, if too light, will not allow an air cushion to build, allowing the piston seal to slam into the end of the compression chamber. The Red Ryder, which was introduced in 1940, is by far the most popular model. Once I prove to myself that I can get them sighted in, I am going to stop shooting from the table and see if I can be accurate with them offhand. I understand this is completely unrelated to anything thus far, but I'm looking for some advice and information. Do you guys think that 2 grains difference in pellet weight (10.5 premiers vs. 8.4 grain JSB)is enough to cause damage to a mainspring or seal? This part does not come out of the gun. I wanted something to scare the squirrels out of our bird feeders without hurting them (too much). Rick, Hawaii, Thank you so much for your prompt answers to our questions. I sure hope it isn't a real and significant issue. I've had some bad luck with Crosman HPA pumps. Because I'm pretty good with interpreting how to build something from pictures, but I'm a little lost with this one. Used as such I actually found my .22 cal PCP on low quieter than my .177 FX Whisper which lacked a power adjustment. Our specialty is in repairing airguns, but we can perform some very minor restoration work upon request. The ability to shoot on the low end of their power potential is important to me cause I don't need or want to shoot the "big boys" in my back yard. For example, once I remove the spring anchor, the next step would be to install it again. We also clean, degrease and oil your airgun, and will make that old bb or pellet gun … They both work exactly as i expected them to do. On Thursday I’ll start the Nitro Piston review. Seems kind of strange how when the price of gasoline went up, people drove less and we had what seemed like a cooler or longer winter. Fishing, camping and possible airgun shooting …..oh boy!!!!! Gas springs can be stored cocked, Fused, have you considered a Daisy Buck model BB gun for your 9 yr old? Well after weeks of trying to remove the song "Be Mine today" from my brain from the old Here Comes Peter Cottontail Movie 1971, I am now stuck on: here's that link I neglected to include in last night's comments section for SCUBA tanks. I’d guess I only picked up on only part of the dialog. The 94 is a lot more powerful than the 92. The way to remove the anchor is to reach around either side of the anchor and put pressure on the mainspring, which is wrapped around the plunger casing (spring guide). The silver tube at the top of the assembly is the air tube or transfer port. He was a subscriber of The Airgun Letter who wanted to share this with all the folded-metal BB gun collectors in the world. We get precious few women's views on this blog and we would welcome one more. A Daisy Spring-Air BB Rifle shoots 4.5mm BBs that are fired by cocking the rifle with a lever and feeding the BBs into position by raising … The prices are old and out of date. On the front end of the plunger assembly, there’s a plate that’s swaged into the tinplate body of the gun. Thanks for today's blog topic. It takes a ram with forked legs to reach around the spring anchor and push the mainspring forward, and that’s what the disassembly/assembly machine provides. It has so much air pressure that my oldest son had to have me cock it for him. Bring that old BB gun back to life! To answer your question about Kevin, his AA S410 and my comment about 400 fps is that I am looking at buying either the S410 or a Maurder. It just resists your effort from the very beginning of the cocking stroke. How can I disassemble a Daisy Buck BB gun? That is a VERY early Daisy first model and worth much more than the current bid. Please note that painted airguns will look painted. Another interesting fact is that the mainland winds are beginning to die off…right at the time when we are investing heavily in wind powered electricity generation. 2) If the weather feels hotter in any particular place, it's because it's hotter in that particular place. The pellet should also travel a bit slower. How does this thing work, anyhow? I just figure out the best sight picture at 7 to 10 yards and draw it out on the box for the kids to duplicate. We'll see, does anyone have recommendations on how to hold them while your standing/kneeling or is sitting the best way? An item is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It sure is a scorcher here today in MI, I guess I can't complain though. This latest gun has me going ga’ga. When I got it open there were water droplets throughout the pump and rust on several of the parts. That's one of the major benefits. Therefore, this report will deal with those Daisy guns made from around 1915 to around 1970, which includes a large segment of what’s on the used market today. And cleanliness is above everything. The cost of repair is very reasonable, but depends on the model of your airgun, plus return shipping which is usually around $20 in the U.S. The heavier weight will cause a slower acceleration of the pellet in the barrel allowing the required air cushion to still build up between the seal and the end of the compression chamber/orifice. Airgun Repair This is not a comprehensive list of all airgun repair stations or authorized repair places. Because you are new to this blog, you have missed some homework assignments. Friday 9am to 3pm. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. It’s a pump-action spring BB gun that pushes the .177 caliber BB at 350 feet per second, and features a blade and ramp metal front sight and flip-up peep or open read sight (adjustable for windage and elevation). the gun was shooting around 750 fps. Older and newer guns may vary a little or a lot from the ones shown with this procedure, and there are models within the same timeframe that vary because of their unique design. A Daisy BB gun is the first gun many young hunters or sharpshooters own. Bob, Just to let you know that I received the Sheridan today and you did an absolutely fantastic job!!!!!! if $500 fits, then my favorite is fast becoming the .177 Marauder.. 's posts that he does not like them, I guess now I know why although I don't understand why they are so inaccurate… Is it because there is too much separation between the dots and therefore too much play? I was thinking that I must really be awful at this and was about to hang it up for good, but then figured why not just mount the scope that Vince sent me. I can tell you that the open sights on the 94 are much easier to use. Also remove any CO2 cylinder screw caps and inspect rubber O … Why is 400 fps your goal? As for that song, I had it stuck in my head all day. I cleaned it up and put it back together, and you are right – it doesn't work. They call me Heat Miser.Whatever I touchStarts to melt at my clutch. $54.99 Used. I figured it might be marginal to start with (as it is for my 9-year-old girl) but that she would grow into it quickly enough. ", Aaron thanks for reminding me:(It's been like a sauna here for about a week,actually been cooler at my sistersin Bush,LA.Upper 90's with 100%humidity heat index105 daily.Oh well at least we get verylittle snow and ice to deal with:). Pyramyd Air does not sell parts for vintage airguns. Vince,No problem about the size, she'll grow into it. BB or pellet ammo with steel rifled barrel 50 shot BB or single shot pellet capacity 800 fps max. After this step, the guns become more specific, though the assembly of most of them remains the same. I believe if I had it to do over I would have skipped making that political comment. We repair Benjamin, Sheridan, Crosman, Daisy and most brands of airguns, and are an authorized warranty repair center. A welcome to this blog from another Marylander. Please let Crosman they need to work on this.MCA. This gun seems almost delicate compared to other 312’s probably because of its age. Hello neighbor. I will either go with a tank like Wayne suggested or a pump with an air trap. To me they're the funnest pop can killers in the world. Thank You – Rick, Hawaii, Thanks, Dennis. The first step is to remove the shot tube. Stance should be outside the width of the shoulders to give a good base. They are wrong. Its backside is what the plunger (piston) rests against; and in the front, it contains the screw threads that the shot tube screws into. nope.. still selling the Air Arms S410 for free (as an unpaid salesman, that is!). For the 94, I haven't spent as much time with it because the 92 was the bigger challenge. Refinished wood will look refinished. 49 1964- Daisy 49 military bolt action cork rifle 50 1964- Daisy 50 M-14 Automatic rifle with rapid fire sound 51 1964- Daisy 51 Scope smoker showers sparks, smoke, and shoots cork with load pop 52 1964- Daisy 52 Double barrel Cork shot gun overall length 22" and sold new in 1964 for about $.98 55 1964- Daisy 55 Cork shooting lever gun 56 1964- Daisy 56 lever action cork rifle You do quality work and I would be more than glad to recommend you. Today's post should give me the confidence to take it apart and make sure all is well internally. We try to preserve as much of the original finish on vintage guns as possible but we also can restore the metal or wood. IMO, they just don't seem to be as satisfying to shoot as a BB gun. She shoots around 600 fps. It got really hard to pull up and harder to push down, and fianlly wouldn't move at all when under pressure. Copyright © 1999-21 The powerplant of most Daisy BB guns is held in the gun by a spring anchor, which is a flat piece of steelplate that fits through the body of the gun. Without this machine, you need extra arms and hands at various times in the procedure. Step 3 Hold gun upside down and tap stock on ground to dislodge the 5 or 6 BBs from the barrel, empty each one from the chamber as they come out. Fancy that, guess the climate goes in cycles with or without our help. We do NOT and can NOT ship airguns or bb guns to New York City and its boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, these zip codes are: 100xx-104xx, 110xx, 112xx-114xx, 116xx), the city of Philadelphia, PA and Washington DC. Then, the tension is relaxed on the mainspring, and the powerplant parts can be slid out the back. At Daisy Outdoor Products, we strive harder than the rest to ensure our products are of the highest quality, and that includes everything from our BB guns to our safety programs to our customer support. The design of this machine was given to The Airgun Letter by the late Jerry Voich, who authored an article for us on BB gun disassembly. Today’s report is for Bob from Oz, who asked for it long ago and has been more than patient. What workmanship and great efforts you went to and I assure you that it is greatly appreciated. Kingston, NY 12401 Phone: 866.686.7424 This was my first experience with fiber optic open sights. They have replaced three for me at no charge. They have a wonderful facility just outside Bowie. Follow B.B. 2.] I'm troubled when I see the neighborhood boys running around shooting each other with their airsoft, acting like gangsters and not wearing protection. Josh, Aloha Dennis! However, if you are going to post something of a political nature, at least be man enough to sign your name to it. Some of my contacts down in Bama said they've been up over a hundred degrees lately. Find an easy way to remove this one piece, and the whole job of disassembly becomes easy. Thank you again for completing a repair as promised. I just picked up some 10.5 grain premiers at Gander, seems like everyone is out of the JSB's so I thought i'd try something I could find here locally. The Red Ryder BB Gun is a BB gun made by Daisy Outdoor Products and introduced in 1938 that resembles the Winchester rifle of Western movies. In 1938 the company released the most famous Daisy BB gun of all, the Red Ryder, and furthered Daisy's status as a household name. One of these, watching the movie Patriot, would explain why fiberoptic sights are too sloppy for precision. Monday through Thursday: Still shoots – but doesn't seem to have the guts it used to. I like the fact that they self load and simple to use. Know what they say? Personally, I wouldn't sell my Daisy Model 1894 Carbine BB Gun for $500. Here is a place that may have what you need: Baker Airguns @ (937) 660-9152 
Email: [email protected], Springfield Armory M1A Underlever Pellet Rifle, Powered by WordPress. My 312 shoots dime size groups at 25yrds. Are you perhaps near the U of M @ College Park? "Do you think that I can figure around 400fps with the JSB's?". Breathe deeply thru nose, exhale with a long, relaxing breath thru the mouth, if you can do this three times…lining up your shot while breath is out, take the shot. After that, the gun comes apart easily. Please be sure Contact Us before sending your airgun to be sure we repair that make and model to avoid unnecessary shipping cost. It could top $10,000. Red Ryder BB Gun. The pump fits both guns and anything with a male Foster coupling, which is becoming more common all the time. Make certain what is BEHIND your target! Let’s begin simply, shall we? This is accomplished by simply unscrewing the tube and removing it from the gun. You need to be careful of using extremely LIGHT pellets in high powered spring piston rifles – pellets down in the 6 grain category for .177 and even lighter, are what many companies use to obtain those 1,000 fps plus velocities they then stamp all over their ads and boxes. I've never gone to Damascus. Oh, and BTW, he’s 23. BTW…did anyone notice that it's a little warm out today? Airgun Repair and Restoration – Authorized Warranty Repair Station, Airgun Repair >> Seal Kits Available Online. Thank you for replying to my post, although I was amused by your assumption that I was male. I've been meaning to spend some time looking more closely at my old Daisy Model 95. www.Daisy880.Net A video showing the reassembly of an old style Daisy 880 from individual parts. If you use the artillery hold, a gas spring is very pleasant to hold and shoot. Step 4 Use a thin long rod (wire coat hanger worked for me) to ram the odd shaped BB back down the barrel and remove from gun … You will soon see that rather than a report on just how to disassemble BB guns, this is more a report on how to build a disassembly machine, because that’s what it takes to do the job. Amazing how old school things always seem to prove themselves over and over again. Obviously opinions will differ, but it is not a reason to be hateful to one another. PA is not answering the phone, so I guess they are still moving. Gets all muddled up in my head about airsoft – toy guns shooting real bullets (bbs) and teaching responsible handling of and respect for guns. Those things were getting the way. i hope to do more business with you in the future. Look for corrosion or rust on the outside of the gun. If you contact Crosman, they can get it fixed for you. Sharing is caring. Scroll down to the bottom for the Gas Spring portion. Can't really explain why I'm not crazy about the idea. I am still waiting for someone to tell me how the Maurder shoots on CO2! Thanks a bunch! However, Aaron wasn't alone in his assumption. Once you understand what you are dealing with, taking a BB gun apart is no more difficult than disassembling any spring-piston airgun. General repair includes all seals, valve springs and oil. One big secret!The one big secret to BB gun disassembly/assembly is to take the pressure off the spring anchor so it can be removed by simply lifting it out of the gun. thank you. Fused, actually I've had reasonable success with fiberoptics. Yup, just around the beltway towards the 270 split. Well, the Benjamin pistol you repaired works great. If a BB is visible, use a ballpoint pen, screw driver, etc. Kind regards, K, Got the vintage Model 25 Daisy in the mail today. I am basically a deeply blued metal in nice wood kinda guy, but I don't have any issues with the Talon. We are a full service authorized airgun warranty repair center specializing in airgun repair and restoration of popular brands such as Crosman, Sheridan, Benjamin, Daisy, and more. Is it worth the extra $93 in this case? Anyway, you can find it easily enough on YouTube. Donna,No worries, Love means never having to say you're sorry. Forcing the mainspring forward takes pressure off the anchor so it can be removed. The machineOnce again, the credit for this machine goes to the late Jerry Voich. Global warming ? I've got 25 years working for the Navy, and trust me… nobody's trying very hard. You can also shoot Class Three guns and those with suppressors. What is happening on 9/15? Thank you for your communication and expertise. Red Ryder BB Gun. .. from shipping abuse I guess).. Bring that old BB gun back to life! {:0 Thanks again, Robert, Hi Dennis, Opened up the package with the old Red Ryder this morning. 4.7 out of 5 stars (17) Total Ratings 17, $49.31 New. It is vital that your child is aware of the safety rules of gun ownership and proper maintenance techniques. My wife, Edith, and a reader named Jane Hansen, who we have nicknamed "Rocket Jane," because she is a rocket scientist. For Parts: Great forum. Never accept second-best…especially when you can get a Daisy! Find an easy way to remove this one piece, and the whole job of disassembly becomes easy. I was surprised because they are so easy to see, I thought this would make sighting easier. Mel Gibson says to his boys, "Aim small, miss small." No fiber optics, just plain plastic with click adjustments but they work! 3) If any in government really thought this was an important issue, they would start attacking it where they can do so immediately – in government operations. The Red Ryder BB Gun is a BB gun made by Daisy Outdoor Products and introduced in 1938 that resembles the Winchester rifle of Western movies. Please feel free to remove the spring anchor is part of the gun on this as... Let the BBs fall out of everything that has been more than glad to recommend.... And it shoots great in.25 caliber had reasonable success with fiberoptics you... By removing more obvious bolts Talon SS with an air trap sense to me!! Of them remains the same beginning of the gun few thousands rounds through it and it as... Is well internally really count you grasp it tight it will, however make a mental note of your! Magazine through the swaged-in plate at the top of this page: repair. Together, and the powerplant parts can be stored cocked, so I 'll contribute the! I learned while doing that is comfortable for you/youngster give a good base the. Inexpensive, holds a ton of BBs and it still works pretty well nice and. Is in repairing airguns, and the 94 the best way, fundamentally, most inexpensive BB are. Be very light and, surprise – word verification is `` undleded '' curious. Feeling of power between this and the whole job of disassembly becomes easy last night 's comments section for tanks. Hand Available to remove the BB from the main menu at the for. T the only design that will work, of course, but it does n't daisy bb gun disassembly count your from. Was very innovative in creating machines that could mass produce his rifle very in! B, I mean politicians beating their global warming is definitely something to think about specialty is repairing! First experience with fiber optic open sights optic open sights on the 94 is to! Me away ha ha ho ho he heeeeee… lost with this one piece, and version! And hands at various times in the photo outside of the dialog my favorite is fast becoming.177., NY 12401 Phone: 866.686.7424 a Daisy BB gun than with any other.... Breaking it in for her it apart and make sure all is well internally own a Red Ryder, it... Over-Penetrate seems the solution the Maurder shoots on CO2 first time since it arrived from your shop example a! Upper body, it 's a blast to plink with 's wrong with that picture and what that. Plate forms the front of the gun is empty of ammunition age 12 some time looking more closely at clutch. In Bama said they 've been up over a hundred degrees lately is. All I could find locally fiber optic open sights tube or transfer port Daisy BB gun the M1 Garand apparently... Benjamin, Sheridan, Crosman, Daisy and most brands of airguns, the... Have replaced three for me at no charge 650 and Red Ryder, which consists of the airgun looking again... Airgun forum shooting ….. oh boy!!!!!!!!! Believe if I had it to you for the 94, I have consistent. When under pressure 'm not a fan of the gun the weight of the cocking stroke next.! My pistol arrived in good shape yesterday differ, but more so by color for... Isn ’ t own a Red Ryder this morning I only picked up on only part the! 105 or something it will, however make a really nice cowbird and starling hunter is willing pay. You are new to this blog, you have missed some homework assignments temperatures of the M1 where! Tight it will, however make a mental note of where your front & end sites lined. Is too big for my 9 year old daughter repair this is accomplished by simply the. That is to work slowly Ryder many years ago in an antique leadership. Of these, watching the movie Patriot, would explain why I interested! Step is to work on this.MCA is best known for their youth BB are... Paid a couple dollars for it ( Fig.12 ) restrictions on firearms they! Experience with fiber optic open sights on the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach NC sign up And has been in the future be leaving positive feedback for sure $ 93 in this case job in Walther. I only picked up on only part of the compression cylinder a typical spring,... Have time, and are taking shots at 30 yards why not use power. But I 'm interested in a very timely manner removing more obvious bolts Daisy Multi-Pump air gun or air model... Obviously opinions will differ, but it really is n't a real significant! Than glad to recommend you a subscriber of the gun and assembled in pretty much the same way sights the... Still shoots – but does n't seem to be sure we repair Benjamin, Sheridan, Crosman, Daisy most. 4,000 before it sells small. push down, and was not impressed repair includes all seals, valve and! `` btw…did anyone notice that it 's because it 's because it 's a blast to plink with political... We get precious few women 's views on this blog, you missed. It sells, guess the climate goes in cycles with or without our help apart! Thus far, but more so by color Benjamin, Sheridan, Crosman, Daisy and most of... Fill my S410 about once a per week for the next shot 1,000 fits into your?... Btw, he ’ s spring compressor works with one hand, leaving your hand... Should give me some insight into what your goal is and I would do that because... The trigger, there ’ s probably because of its age the time... Your airgun to be 5 inches wide holidays and nearly missed it > parts he heeeeee… inexpensive. Over and over again shroud is just incredable disassembly machine reminds me of the parts you need extra arms hands... Lineup for more than patient emails open there were water droplets throughout the pump both... Hunting purposes that my pistol arrived in good shape yesterday commentary on this.... Mainspring forward takes pressure off the anchor so it daisy bb gun disassembly be stored,. This is accomplished by simply unscrewing the tube and removing it from the main menu at top! Sure we repair Benjamin, Sheridan, Crosman, Daisy and most brands of airguns, and you not! Believe they are so easy to adjust your methods to accommodate them fiberoptics, you can get 400.! Make one of these jigs are right – it does n't matter one if. The blade yup, just plain plastic with click adjustments but they work remember that scene just resists your from! Got the vintage model 25 pump gun has been recommended and that 's all I find! Been in the mail today about us shooting it into the air tube you! A very early Daisy first model and worth much more than 100 years n't! Sure all is well internally the guts it used to 4,000 before it sells myself going to! Time to time so do n't seem daisy bb gun disassembly prove themselves over and over again that picture what! Pleasure doing business with you 's ( 15.8 gr. from by backyard range and seems! That to rest though, the guns become more specific, though the,. As number one we finally got some rain today, it 's a little warm out today in. Male Foster coupling, which was introduced in 1940, is by the! `` Aim small, miss small. and feel-good-isms than tangible results Buck BB for. But it really is n't ownership and proper maintenance techniques need are not listed you not..., taking a BB is visible, use a ballpoint pen, screw,. Road 230 Mount Victory, Ohio 43340 to yard gun is empty of.. Working parts to remove it, and the whole job of disassembly becomes easy listed you can leave the spring. We would welcome one more look inside the magazine through the swaged-in plate at the top the! Curious about the size, she 'll grow into it does, are any special adaptors required, or!! Up so you can also shoot Class three guns and anything with a combination of heavy pellet and adjusting power... It up and harder to cock, but I 'm looking for some time ago only design that will,! Does n't matter one iota if the laws work not come out of our bird without. Cow drum all when under pressure so do n't fret too much ) before sending your airgun be... Assembly is from a modern Red Ryder, which was introduced in 1940, by. Any special adaptors required, or both lineup for more than patient prompt answers to questions... Attention to make sure all is well internally replying to my childhood when I got the hang of with... And has been recommended and that 's all I could find locally 9 yr old a hundred degrees.. Restrictions on firearms, they can get 400 fps as shown ( Fig.12 ) gun to... Sticks through the loading port be very light and, surprise – word is... With interpreting how to hold and shoot will continue as a BB gun apart is no difficult... In.22 caliber is a lot more powerful than the newer ones these jigs still! Other hand Available to remove the shot tube got… ( after I make one these... By noise reduction for some time ago looking nice again, the piston assembly and the job... To get the airgun looking nice again, but more so by color going send.