The breba crop is produced on the previous seasons growth, so don't prune more than half of that growth when pruning. Large, skin is deep green, minutely spotted white, pulp strawberry red. A San Pedro type, it sometimes sets main crop figs without pollination. Ben B. Seattle Garden & Fruit Adventures June 16, 2017 at 1:14 PM. desert king fig, celeste fig, black mission fig, kadota fig, LSU purple, LSU gold, brunswick fig ficus sycomorous, Texas everbearing Desert King Fig. Desert King Fig Tree (Standard) (Potted) Good Choice for Cool Coastal Climates. King. Big Fig Wasp Lyrics: Any wasp I see, it's a fig wasp / Pearly guillotine, it's a fig wasp / And when the harvest's clean, there's a fig wasp / It's a winged machine, it's a fig wasp / Any wasp I see It is the most consistent cropper of the first crop, breba, figs in our region. The tree is productive it doesn’t split until its overly ripen and it fragile to transportation at that point. A large fig with dark green skin and pink flesh. Stay away from Brown Turkey if possible. "My understanding is that caprifigs will set fruit but if they aren't pollinated by the wasp, the fruit fall off." Home › Desert King Fig Tree (Standard) (Potted) Item Number: FT104. %PDF-1.6 %вгѕ” Ripening in August, these are a midsummer treat that we always look forward to! application/pdf The fig plant and the fig wasp both have the same goal: reproduction. 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In hot climes the breba begin ripening in mid June and have been known to be pretty bland. The only minor knock on this fig for the PNW is that it drops its main crop. 2009-12-27T22:30:24-08:00 Desert King is grown in Seattle, WA PNW it is our favorite. These plans survive on rainwaters on the rocks and also feces of other plants and also their own dead cells. Self-fruitful. Thus desert king produces two crops: the first crop (breba crop) develops on last seasons growth in early spring. Inside the rounded fruit of a fig tree is a maze of flowers. Branches of King trees should not be cut back heavily in winter, as this removes the fruit buds which normally produce a breba crop. It is a capri fig, meaning it gives a good breba crop but needs the fig wasp to ripen the main crop. In cool, coastal sections, a fair percentage of the crop matures by parthenocarpy, as explained elsewhere by Condit (1950). It not only proved most people wrong, but it also has ended up being the fig to grow in the cold north were the summers are too cool to grow main crop figs. 2009-12-27T22:30:25-08:00 ЦА`Ж«68ѓНH+D†ѕЛLяv\ИЈ∆eJ+*$kґйABsZIЏЉђrТ†ђEЩ”ё”Е~џр, desert king fig, celeste fig, black mission fig, kadota fig, LSU purple, LSU gold, brunswick fig ficus sycomorous, Texas everbearing. Upon planting Desert King in the north, most thought there was no way it would grow in the cold north. Well-adapted in the Northwest and cooler areas of the South. Not at all like Desert King. HЙЉVKoџ8Њ»ШCй¬—”Тђ†(аW≤F'µ’н°йБЦhЛYT)™Ѓ€э)Yv№mЈЛ÷AlЙЬ!њщж9К k($[УD¬Ы7÷PJТd4ЕOVћKшl≈ыТВхH6ђ Тсђ—ИГOќ ¬p юјЕp¬зЈoGУ16®?±ЅЖµ†9j}•cЮsЅґT Top rated in the Pacific Northwest. Robert Harper in Connecticut: Upon seeing Adriano getting huge crops from his Desert King, I figured if he could grow a fig as cold sensitive as Desert King in Canada, I should be able to grow cold hardy figs in Connecticut. But, because of its heavy bearing, and its excellent taste, a lot of gardeners in the north, simply had to have it. You are better off to have a Latarrula variant. In the case of figs and fig wasps, however, each needs the other to complete its life cycle. All Rights Reserved. DESERT KING FIG Desert King Fig Plant Desert King Fig Desert King is a San Pedro type of fig which originated in 1920 in Madera, California by Charlie King. Varietal Selection We will collectthe cuttings the day prior to shipping. Any questions please ask. August 10 to November 5 (approximate for Hickman, CA)-WHERE TO BUY-Light green 'white' skin, strawberry colored pulp. At Riverside, and in most other inland districts, the majority of second-crop figs shrivel and drop for lack of caprification, a fact which places this variety in the San Pedro group of figs. The young trees produced such excellent fruit that hundreds of plants were propagated and distributed in Pacific Coast states and elsewhere by the King Fig Plantation, San Francisco. 1 0 obj <> endobj 12 0 obj <> endobj 5 0 obj <> endobj 4 0 obj <>stream