14 Mar, 2015

U-Schos Camp 2015: “Discover Yourself and Be Discoverable”

U-SchoS Camp 2015

U-SchoS Camp 2015


The first ever U-Schos Camp was held from January 31 to February 2, and self-discovery was the main theme of the camp. Through interactive activities and workshops, participants and committee members were able to find out more about themselves, which we believe would very much turn out a short but enriching journey.

The camp was participated by 62 UCSI scholars and students, of whom 48 are local students and 14 are international students. However, the diverse ethnicities and differences seen from many walks of life did not barrier the forging of friendship and mutual understanding among all.

"War on Dangue" Community Project at SK Benta

“War on Dangue” Community Project at SK Benta

It was indeed a very unique and fruitful journey that all of us wrapped up the camp with a voluntary project on dengue awareness in Benta National Primary School. While proper induction by iM4U (who launched its major campaign, “War on Dengue”) on the awareness and prevention of this disease was done prior to the project, participants were allocated into 10 groups, of which each group was tasked to enter a classroom and conduct an interactive session with the school kids by means of mind-mapping, coloring, decorating bulletin board, Q&A session, and so on.

In U-Schos, we believe that self-discovery is a lifelong journey, and volunteerism is an important element of social responsibility. Therefore, the inspirations of the camp will not end just yet. U-Schos Camp will be held annually. So, no worries for those who have missed it!

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