Facilitation Program (FP)

Facilitation Program (FP)


FP provides a platform to the students to learn about the event management and ways to engage and communicate with the people through the events that they organized or assisted in. Training will be provided to the members and they can later apply what they learnt to the upcoming events which they will be assisting in. Besides helping outand facilitating events, scholars have to organise events and workshops too.

Membership Commitment

In facilitation program, each member is required to complete 40 contribution points (long semester) and 20 contribution points (short semester) by attending workshops, assisting in event or organizing any event for the program. The CP points will be given to the member once they submit their self-evaluation through online after the events. Members will receive warning letter if they have performed any misconduct and three misconducts will lead to membership termination.

Functional Mastery

  • Project management skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Social responsibility
  • Creativity or innovation

Supervisor:Ms Liew Cheu Teng

Contact email:[email protected]

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