Application and Exemption

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1. SEP 200 Briefing

Scholars will be briefed on the overview of the SEP, including all the SEP200 programmes offered and exemption.

2. Application Process

Scholars are to fill up the SEP200 Programme Application Form based on their interest. Scholars could choose up to 3 programmes in the application form but scholars would only be required to commit one SEP200 programme for SEP200 series. Kindly note that programme allocation will be done based on first come first serve basis. If the programme in the first priority is not available, scholars will be channelled to other SEP200 programme based on their second priority.

3. Supervisors’ Screening Process

After reviewing scholars’ choice of SEP200 programme,  application lists according to SEP200 programmes will be sent to respective SEP200 programme supervisors. Certain programmes may require interviews or screening processfor scholars before enrolling to the programme.

4. SEP200 Programme Allocation

Scholars will be notified on their SEP200 programme enrollment through email and begin their journey in the programme for at least a year. After 1 year commitment, scholars could choose to switch to another programme with the consent of programmes’ supervisors.


exemption1. Independent Project B

2. Internship

Scholars who wish to apply for SEP200 exemption are required to submit verified Course Selection Slip along with the picture of Course Selection from IIS portal at [email protected]. Exemption begins upon approval but only effective for that particular semester. Scholars who haven’t complete their studies after the exemption period are required to commit in their SEP200 programmes in the following semesters.Please refer to the table below for those who are eligible to apply for exemption




General Degree (Applied Science, Engineering, Psychology etc) • Independent Project B
•Research Project 2 & above
Mass Communication Mass Communication Research
Music (Classic/Contemporary) Final Year Performance 2/
Final Year Research Project 2
A-levels After semester 2/ Completion of studies
Foundation After semester 3
*Applicable for those whose their contract is ended according to mentioned timing
Architecture Research Methodology
Pharmacy Clerkship + Problem-based Learning
Medicine Clinical
*Shall resume SEP hours in KL Campus until Clinical subject is taken in KL campus
Nursing • Introduction to Nursing Research
*Applicable for diploma Programme
• Research Project
*Applicable for Degree Programme
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