Sensory Panel Group (SPG)

Sensory Panel Group (SPG)


This programme aims to build up a group of students to assist in the sensory evaluation of food products for R&D purpose in the Faculty of Applied Science. Suitable candidates will be trained to do various types of sensory tests as well as trained to be familiar with terms used to describe food characteristics. They will also be trained on how to rate the intensity of the characteristics

Membership Commitment

Scholars will evaluate the food products and provide information about the characteristics of the product. Information gathered will be used in product development projects by Final Year Project students and lecturers. Faculty of Applied Sc. aims to offer external service to food companies who may not have this expertise in their companies. Trained scholars’ skills and knowledge will enhance their marketability in the workforce among the food, food ingredients and other marketing related companies. All products to be evaluated will be safe for consumption.

Functional Mastery

  • Project management skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Creativity or innovation

Supervisor: Ms Carolyn Lim-Loong

Contact email: [email protected]

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