U-Schos’ Scholar Affairs

U-Schos’ Scholar Affairs


U-Schos’ Scholar Affairs acts as one-stop center for all UCSI scholars. It provides a platform for scholars to experience and develop interpersonal skills through managing the scholarship matters and involving in event management.

Membership Commitment

Upon registration for U-Schos Scholar Affairs, applicants will undergo interview and assessment before selection. Those who successfully enrolled are entitled Scholar Affairs membership status for a year. During the term, members will be involved in doing administrative tasks such as answering enquiries, data entry, scheduling interview and preparing documents. Members will have the chance to be part of an organizing committee in event management and attend development sessions which aim to enhance their interpersonal skills such as leadership, project management, communication, creative and critical thinking etc.

Functional Mastery

  • Project management skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Social responsibility
  • Creativity or innovation

Supervisor: Ms Cindy

Contact email: [email protected]



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