When you look for the best frog rod, you are going to want to think carefully about the rod tip and its action. Carbon fiber scrim for added durability. The uses conventional guides for added strength and durability. Posted by Ole Geauxt on 2/8/15 at 7:58 pm to Polar Pop I was gonna buy a new rod last year, but after seeing the prices, I just said duckett. Duckett Fishing Inshore Series Medium/Heavy Power Moderate/Fast Action Casting Rod with 11-Inch Grip, 7-Feet and 6-Inch CDN$231.15 Kalex XR9 Rod - Spinning & Casting re: Duckett Rod reviews? the cork is in perfect condition, rod looks like new with only a couple of fishing trips on it. The Duckett Fishing Inshore Series Spinning Rods are the product of countless hours of research and testing. Anglers will feel the lightest strike from any … The Sensi-touch blanks are made from the highest quality multi-modulus pre-pregs for an extremely lightweight and durable rod. The defined separation of the tip and backbone in the rod make it reactive and solidly built. 9.5. duckett used to have the best warranty i had ever heard of. 10 Best Duckett Micro Magic Rods Reviews - December 2020. Limited Stock! Features. For enhanced performance and cast ability there has been included in the construction of the rod, a definite separation of the tip and backbone. Rank . This spinning fishing rod is still available in other sizes and weights, the 15-60gr 2,10m has a reduced weight 143 grams and a 107 cm footprint convenient for transport. A rod with high power is slow while that with low power is pretty fast. ... Duckett Fishing Triad Casting Rod. Constructed using premium Sensi-Touch blanks and top-notch multi-modulus pre-pregs, the Duckett Triad Series Casting Rods keep weight to a minimum, resulting in a more responsive overall feel. It’s lightweight, extremely sensitive, durable and manages line very well. Score. Not a big fan of the cosmetic changes (carbon fiber ) but I handled the 6'10 medium at academy yesterday and came real close to taking it home.Light as a feather and … Okuma Celilo Graphite Salmon/Steelhead Spinning Rods, CE-S-962MLa . WAS: $159.00 - … Black Ice delivers its super-light and sensitive qualities without taking away from the power and balance in hand. : Duckett Fishing's Medium Powered Spinning Rod (continued) Field Tests: In the spirit of What the Finesse (WTF! Featuring the highest grades of graphite and our proprietary multi-modulus X-helical coil construction, paired with Duckett Fishing’s rod-building process, Black Ice enables anglers to deliver tournament-winning results. 8.6. If you find a lower price on Duckett Fishing Rods somewhere else, we'll match it with our Best Price Guarantee. See Price In Cart. Duckett Silverado Spinning Rod - The Duckett Silverado Spinning Rod is a strong, light rod with great sensitivity. Buy on Amazon. Visit Video Library . The reel seat on this rod features the “power hump” popular on many sticks and so therefore is not a split reel seat. The butt end of this rod is a familiar Ken Whiting design going all the way back to Airrus rods. CNT™: Carbon Nano Technology. Customers expressed the need for a conventional guided rod series to round out their Duckett fishing arsenal. spinning rod. The Duckett Micro Magic Pro Casting Rod features a carbon fiber scrim, braid proof micro guide inserts, an EVA butt, and grade A Cork grips to provide incredible performance. 2. Microtec Walleye Ice Combo 36" Medium Heavy ... Clam Corporation 12839 Dead Meat Rod - 28" Medium Action . I purchased two of the Duckett Micro Magic rods from an online retailer about a month ago, without ever actually holding a rod before purchasing. i currently own about 15 of the mm and i have fished them exclusively the last 5 years or so and have broken about 3 of them. Dean started with his favorite frogging rod, the 7 FT Medium Heavy action which by his own admission is the greatest frog rod ever created. Product Name. Duckett Fishing Micro Magic Pro Casting Rod. I found the parabolic bend especially helpful when fishing shallow cover. Duckett Fishing DFMP66M-C Micro Magic Pro Casting Rod Duckett Fishing DFMP66MH-C Micro Magic Pro Casting Rod Duckett Fishing DFMP69MH-C Micro Magic Pro Casting Rod Duckett Fishing DFMP70M-C Micro Magic Pro Casting Rod Duckett Fishing DFMP70MH-C Micro Magic Pro Casting ... New product reviews and guides. Some seem to have had some quality control issues but overall they are well regarded. Length of the rod; The average length of a Crankbait Rods lies between 6.6 and 8 inches, while the common length being 7 inches. This rod, seen here in a medium-heavy action, utilizes proprietary 0.7mm Artus high gauge 316ss ring lock guides along with heavy duty hyper-lite braid proof inserts to create a microguide rod that casts smoothly, for increased distance with less effort. The Micro Magic series from Duckett Fishing, the new company started by one of bass fishing’s most legendary anglers, is one rod that gets the job done, and then some. Duckett Terex Cast 6'6" Medium/ Medium FastDuckett Cast 6'6" Medium/ Medium Fast In conjunction with dean rojas we have designed a new series of rods based on specifications from his 3 signature series rods. X-Helical coil construction. After traveling from coast to coast and consulting with some of the best inshore fisherman in the country, the pros at Duckett Fishing have developed the ultimate series of inshore rods. However, I've read a lot of different posts about rod recommendations and I can tell duckett owners are generally fond of their rods. Tackle Reviews Duckett White Ice 7-3 Heavy-Action Rod Review. Features. The rod is light and plenty powerful, and with so many guides – this model has 11 A look at the rod with a Bumbershoot Ready to Go It also uses Sensi-touch construction to ensure light weight and increased durability of the blank. length 7 ft. Kudos to Duckett Fishing for sticking to their guns and building these premium rods at an affordable price! Proprietary .7 mm Artus high gauge 316ss … Duckett Fishing Terex Casting Rod - The Sensi-Touch blanks are designed and made from the highest of quality multi-modulus pre-pregs. The Duckett Incite Casting Rod was created in response to customer requests. Reactive and solidly built, you’ll feel the lightest strike from any fish with the True Split reel seat and Sensi-Touch blank. Contact Us. Score . This design gives for an extremely lightweight and durable rod. In addition, the rod loads nicely on the back-end of the cast, which also contributes to longer, more effortless casts. That being said, the biggest advocate I knew of for Duckett … The 6-foot, 10-inch Duckett White Ice Spinning Rod is a killer rod. Each blank is halo-sanded for a stronger, lighter rod that lets you feel every bump and bite. TRI-LEVEL graphite integration. Rod Tip and Action. duckett macro magic dfma70ms 7 ft med. this rod is like new with only a few light marks from being in a rod box. Highlights of St. Croix Legend Elite Spinning Rod: Fuji® Torzite® tangle-free guides with titanium frames The Duckett Ghost Cranking Rod provides more advanced performance and control than mid-range crankbait rod models. Check Price On Amazon #2 St. Croix Legend Elite Spinning Rod. I don't normally do that, but I really wanted to give these rods a try. $15 for a replacement rod. Ghost Casting Rods from Duckett Fishing are built with sensi-touch blanks made from multi modulus pre-pregs (pre-impregnated composite fibers) for a lightweight, durable rod with incredible strength and sensitivity. Tackle Warehouse Looks like Duckett just rolled out a slightly more tuned up version of the Ghost. Priced at $199.99, it may not be in everyone’s ballpark but it’s a rod you can utilize for a multitude of techniques. 1. However, Power of this rod is medium overwhelming and has quick activity for control of the bait. This rod has additional external carbon wrap for enhanced strength and durability. Built with an intense focus on sensitivity, performance, and value, the Duckett Triad Series Casting Rods marry quality components with a lightweight construction that sacrifices nothing in durability. WTF!! The Duckett Fishing® Micro Magic® Pro Crankin’ Rods are the perfect cranking rods for all of your fishing needs. Do You Believe in Micro-Magic? all were were my fault. not the micro guides. In fact, on the entire Duckett Fishing series of rods, each stick features a standard, full reel seat. Utilizing multiple strengths of graphite into one sheet to minimize air and weight which results in a stronger and more sensitive blank. this duckett spinning rod is the model with the larger guides. Shimano Sellus rod is a 6'8" rod produced using 24-ton graphite. The Duckett Fishing Byron Velvick A-Rig / Swimbait rod lived up to all of its billing from the company. The 6-foot, 10-inch Duckett White Ice Spinning Rod … The Duckett Ghost Casting Rod features a sharp look with a robust craftsmanship to be your next favorite rod. The Duckett Fishing Micro Magic ProCast is Duckett’s flagship product. Halo-Sanded™ – for a stronger, lighter rod with great sensitivity. Shop Duckett Fishing Rods at DICK'S Sporting Goods. One thing is for certain, Boyd Duckett and his team lead by Sean Schuyler know how to build a mean rod, and with the exceptional performance of their traditional rods, now anglers of all budgets are in for a real treat. The power of the rod will also determine the speed action of the rod. All fishing rod tips can be categorized as slow, fast, or extra fast action – and while rods of any type are readily available and just about any rod will work in a pinch, the best frog rod will have a fast action tip. This Casting Rod implies that it is lighter and progressively adaptable which makes it an extraordinary learning rod. Micro-guides provide increased casting distance and unparalleled accuracy while the Sensi-Touch™ blank create a lightweight and durable rod. $129.00. Duckett Pro Series Casting Rods.

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