11 Dec, 2013

Hands of Hope

Hands of Hope is a long-term voluntary project established in January 2014 with a mission to sow seeds of change to the underserved communities through education. Co-founded by three UCSI students under the UCSI Scholars Circle (U-Schos), this project aims to provide quality education to the under-served communities with the aim of equipping them with life skills, to instill volunteerism among youth by providing a platform to reach out to the under-served communities, and to offer youth an avenue for personal growth and development.

Since the establishment of Hands of Hope, up to a total of 150 students have volunteered with this project, reaching out to children from a special needs school, a children home and two refugee schools. Every semester, Hands of Hope connects students to volunteer at underserved communities through providing extra classes for the children on a weekly basis, mainly in academic subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science.

Aside from teaching academic subjects, Hands of Hope also provides music classes at the refugee schools in hope to bring a more holistic learning experience for the children. Currently, we are looking into the expansion of lessons into more areas such as carpentry, sewing, cooking and so on with the goal to equip these communities with life skills which can provide them with better livelihoods. There are also several events and projects under Hands of Hope to raise awareness, generate funds and create systems for the underserved communities to be self-sustainable.


My One-Day Uni-Life
A special program designed for underprivileged teenagers, where they will get to experience a day in the university, exploring different courses and pathways that they can take after completing secondary education. This program aims to encourage underprivileged teenagers to study diligently and work towards a brighter future through education.

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Hands of Hope Charity Night

Bringing hope for tomorrow through music, Hands of Hope Charity Night is an annual event to raise funds for the education of the underserved children and for the operations of this project. With musical performances from the Hands of Hope Choir and other professional musicians lined up for the night, audiences get to support a charitable cause and at the same time enjoy good music with delicious food.

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