19 Feb, 2014

Amanda Nasim













Founder & Director of Tutti Frutti UK


Amanda Nasim was only 19 when she stood before more than 80 bidders at an international conference in Los Angeles in March 2011 to convince the owner of Tutti Frutti, the popular frozen yogurt empire, to give her the master licence to open the first Tutti Frutti outlet in Europe.
At the age of 20, she is one of four directors of Tutti Frutti United Kingdom that proudly launched its flagship outlet in Covent Garden in central London, making it also the first in Europe.
Having tasted her first Tutti Frutti vanilla flavoured frozen yogurt in Malaysia, Amanda couldn’t find any Tutti Fruitti outlet in the United KIngdom after her holiday. That’s how she came up with the idea to Tutti Frutti to the UK. She took a flight alone to attend the international conference in Los Angeles in March 2011 and gave a presentation on how it would do well in London, convinced them about the location and tied it in with the Olympics. Eventually, she won the bid.
At the opening, Jay Kim, the Korean-American founder of Tutti Frutti in the United States was impressed by Amanda’s confidence and courage. “Although she is very young, her approach was like any other experienced entrepreneur,” said Kim.

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