12 Dec, 2013

Objectives and Learning Outcome

Through the U-SchoS’ Leadership Lectures Series (ULLS), U-SchoS aims to provide a platform for the young leaders to be exposed to the practices and values of leadership, as well as to gain the knowledge in order to prepare them to be successful leaders of the nation.


  Objective Learning Outcome

  Up-Close & Personal

    with Malaysia’s Top Leaders

To get to know more about the inspiring leaders of the country from a close distance. They will learn from life experiences of inspiring leaders.

  Master Class 1

    “Developing the Leader in You”

To imbue leadership value among our young leaders. They will learn how to paint their path to develop leadership.

  Master Class 2

    “Leadership is Influence, not Authority”

To broaden our young leaders’ understanding on the differences between leadership and authority. They will learn through real- life experiences the true values and qualities of outstanding leaders.

  Master Class 3

    “My Heroes: Discovering heroes you can build on”

To challenge our young leaders to dream big, motivate them to go further and achieve more in life. They will learn how to bring their dream to fruition.

  Leadership Talk 1

    “Developing Your Most Appreciable Assets: People”

To share stories and experience on how networking has helped them in their leadership and career life. They will learn skills on how to build trust and respect between people.

  Leadership Talk 2

    “Listen, Learn, Lead”

To broaden our young leaders’ understanding on the importance of listening and learning as a leader. They will learn through real-life experiences the true values and qualities of outstanding leaders.

  Leadership Talk 3

    “The Key to Leadership: Setting Priorities”

To share the importance of setting priorities. Prioritize the tasks that need to be done first and avoid multi-tasking. They will learn to set priorities and focus on completing the important tasks.

  Leadership Forum 1

    “Power of Empowerment”

The Forum leads the young leaders into discussion on the topic of how to empower others and how to draw lessons from their failures. They will learn how to build leaders around them. Their failures are an end; they should see failure in a positive way.

  Leadership Forum 2 

    “Leadership Lessons from Failures”

  Power Leadership Session


To inculcate leadership mindset and motivate the young leaders to take the lead. They will learn elements of leadership from the speech and experience of the speaker.

  Networking Session

A platform for young leaders to interact with student leaders and like-minded people, to get to know each other and expand their network.
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