When open, they’re far more resistant to wind, typically have more headroom, and are known for plusher mattresses. Added up, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more complete design for less money. That said, the first-generation tent is still available and a better choice for true budget seekers while supplies last. See the Smittybilt Overlander. 4.1 /5. ... Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland 3 Person Roof Top Tent & Annex from $1,450.68. For strictly summer use, Yakima also makes the standard SkyRise (no “HD”), which uses thinner materials and is priced at an affordable $1,099 ($1,599 for the Medium). However, frequent travelers and avid overlanders (especially those who pack up and move camp daily) will appreciate the convenience of a hardshell’s easier setup. You’ll also want to think about mounting location: rooftop tents can be affixed to your roof, over your truck canopy or empty truck bed, on a trailer, or even on a hitch rack like the Rubicon EP Hitch Tent Rack System (this will free up your rooftop for other gear).  But premium models don’t stop there. ft. While most models don’t allow you to attach gear on top, there are a few hardshells designed for toting added equipment, including the iKamper X-Cover and Roofnest’s Sparrow. But with an innovative fold-out design, iKamper expanded upon hardshells (literally) and has since become a respected name in the world of premium rooftop tents. Unless you’re removing your tent from the roof of your vehicle between each outing, it’s bound to suffer sun and moisture damage over time. Â. You will see how easy it is to open and close t ft.Peak height: 45 in.Weight: 160 lbs.Capacity: 4What we like: Premium build quality, roomy interior, and quick setup.What we don’t: Expensive and overkill for solo travelers and those don't want a king-size bed.Â. Off-roading is incredibly popular in South Africa, and therefore it comes as little surprise that Johannesburg-based Front Runner is well-respected for their thoughtfully designed and robust overlanding products. ), and the sliding (rather than telescoping) ladder and thin mattress lack the premium feel of the Tepui. Read more about us.Â, Rooftop tents have come a long way since their dusty beginnings in the wild outback of Africa and Australia. The Walkabout is 23ZERO’s top-of-the-line series and comes in four different sizes, ranging from a double bed (the 56 here) to a colossal 87-inch-wide model for larger groups. To make the loading and unloading processes even easier, Front Runner also sells their Quick Release Tent Mount Kit for an additional $225, which allows you to remove the tent quickly and without tools (it can also be paired with most other models here). Second, most models come with generous windows and mesh panels, many of which can be completely unzipped or closed with just a bug net and are protected by waterproof awnings. Founded by entrepreneur Soon Park following his family’s multi-year road trip in the U.S. (and brought to life by a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign), iKamper’s aim was to create a hardshell that sleeps four. iKamper: The Story Behind the Skycamp RTT; 6 RTTs Ideal For Your Jeep; The Story Behind Roost USA, a 100% USA-Made Brand; Will My Car Work For A Roof Top Tent? Made in Italy and distributed throughout the U.S. by AutoHome USA, Maggiolina tents are known for their simple yet durable designs. Regardless of the model you choose, there are steps you can take to extend the life of your tent. 0:26. Like Tuff Stuff, Smittybilt specializes in truck and Jeep accessories and is well-known in the off-roading community. And we should note that Smittybilt now makes the GEN2, which is an updated version of the model included here featuring an improved ladder, a larger rainfly, and a skylight for $1,150. Location: Kent, Washington / Paju, South KoreaPopular models: Skycamp and X-CoverWhat we like: Premium, functional hardshells that sleep four; great customer service.What we don't: Expensive and overkill for couples. Next, you’ll want to be sure your rooftop tent fits the rack. Again, purchasing from a local gear shop will typically alleviate some of the headache, as many shops will be able to help load your tent onto your vehicle. As we touched on above, a tent’s listed capacity and interior dimensions don’t always line up perfectly. ft.Peak height: 52 in.Weight: 154 lbs.Capacity: 3What we like: Annex and installation tools included in purchase. What we don’t: Lacks the fit and finish of a Tepui model. Â. And a final bonus: all versions of the SkyRise come with tool-free installation, which makes the mounting process relatively quick and painless.See the Yakima SkyRise HD Medium. And we’d be remiss not to mention Thule’s innovative HyBox here, which is a pop-up hardshell designed with a removable mattress and zip-off fabric walls that allow it to double as a 23-square-foot cargo box for gear storage. CALL US: 1-866-220-0171. But if and when your softshell does need replacing, most models use zippers to attach the tent canopy to the frame, so you can replace the canopy without buying an entirely new set-up. No experience with either, but looking at the specs posted on both sites it looks like the iKamper uses a heavier fabric while overall weight of the iKamper almost 60lbs less. But what they lack in looks, they make up for in value and functionality. Unlike for backpacking, there’s no need to scour Pinterest for workarounds to... Of all the outdoor activities we cover here at Switchback Travel, hiking is dearest to our hearts. If you stick with the base models, you still have the option of tacking on extra items to your purchase. And the 87-inch version of the 23Zero Walkabout (below) has a similarly large mattress (58 sq. Bachelor (98 lbs.) Location: Soquel, CaliforniaPopular models: Kukenam and Low-ProWhat we like: Widely available, user-friendly, and customizable with a range of accessories.What we don't: Limited hardshell options and not the most affordable softshells. We love iKamper’s tents, but many users complain that they don’t vent well due to the lack of space between the body and fly (you can always roll back the fly on dry nights). The Skycamp 2.0 above is iKamper’s tried-and-true hardshell design, but the new X-Cover merges the performance benefits of a hardtop (including added durability and cargo-carrying capabilities) with the lightweight build and roomy mattress typical of softshells. All told, Roofnest’s two-person pop-up is one of our favorite tents for couples or solo travelers looking to minimize hassle and maximize comfort.Â, With no annex compatibility and a relatively small floorplan (it’s also available in a 7-inch-wider XL version), the Sparrow wouldn’t be our first choice for extended outings or basecamping. Denali comes with a room divider, two separate entrances (each has its own ladder), and a generous four-door annex. The Tuff Stuff Ranger sets itself apart due to its convenient size and ability to expand after installing the lower annex room (included). Login. Denali below. Hardshell Roof Top Tents. You can also find rooftop tents through other 4x4 accessory manufacturers (including ARB and Alu-Cab), high-end cottage brands like Freespirit Recreation and Treeline Outdoors, and a plethora of companies out of Australia and South Africa (Bundutop, Eezi-Awn, The Bush Company, and countless others). Like traditional camping and backpacking tents, rooftop tents come in a variety of capacities, from minimalist two-person models to massive designs that can accommodate up to six. The High Country 55" is a durable option for two campers, with 4 inches of padding between the 2-inch floor and 2-inch mattress, oversized windows for open viewing, and an incredibly fast setup time. Tuff Stuff. ft.Peak height: 44 in.Weight: 105 lbs.Capacities: 2, 3What we like: Lightweight, easy to move, and affordable.What we don’t: Not as spacious as other softshell models. Denali sleeps four with two separate mattresses and a room divider. We like Roofnest's Falcon in particular: it’s incredibly aerodynamic (only 7 in. If you’re deciding between iKamper’s Skycamp 2.0 and the X-Cover here, there are a number of key differences to consider. Visit walmart.com and get on discount on your orders . With one foot in Australia and the other in Utah, 23Zero knows the ins and outs of demanding desert roads better than most, and their softshell tents have the feature sets to prove it. For those camping for extended periods, an annex or awning is a great way to increase livable space while maintaining privacy and protection from the elements, including sun, rain, and bugs. But these complaints aside, the AirLand Plus is a simple yet rugged rooftop tent with minimal breakable parts, earning it a spot on our list for 2020.See the AutoHome Maggiolina AirLand Plus Medium. But the good news is that 23Zero offers great customer service and hard-to-beat pricing. Hardshells fare much better, with secure waterproof shells that last longer and stand up to the elements more than the canvas or nylon covering on softshells. Most of the brands above are rooftop tent specialists, but California-based Tuff Stuff stands out as one of the few generalists here. It’s also worth checking out Denver Mattress’s Overlander, an after-market mattress that can be custom fit to an extensive list of rooftop tents, including those from Smittybilt, iKamper, CVT, and more.Â, In addition to mattress thickness and type, you’ll also want to consider a mattress cover and anti-condensation mat. Shipping is included in the price of all Tuff Stuff tents, and their website makes it easy to tack on a compatible awning or annex. Tuff Stuff Elite 5 Person Rooftop Tent, 79" Wide, Double ladder, lower annex room with floor, mattress, rainfly & universal installation kit on sale now. and standard two-person clamshells to gargantuan softshells great for family camping—the Mt. With standard features including a solar-powered ventilation fan, gas-strut assisted opening (setup takes 30 seconds), and LED lighting, even James Baroud's base models are a cut above the rest.Â, The James Baroud Evasion is a pop-top hardshell, similar to models like the Roofnest Sparrow above and Maggiolina AirLand below. Denali Pioneer ($2,895), AutoHome Maggiolina AirLand Plus Medium ($3,299), See the AutoHome Maggiolina AirLand Plus Medium, Freespirit Recreation High Country 55” ($2,395), See the Freespirit Recreation High Country 55", Back to Our Rooftop Tent Comparison Table. The manufacturer’s recommended capacity is a good place to start, but take note: these specs are often rather generous. iKamper: The Story Behind the Skycamp RTT; 6 RTTs Ideal For Your Jeep; The Story Behind Roost USA, a 100% USA-Made Brand; Will My Car Work For A Roof Top Tent?