Lemon myrtle is a flowering plant native to the subtropical rainforests of southeast Queensland, Australia. Lemon myrtle, also known as ‘sweet verbena’, is an Australian plant that is currently more commonly seen as an ingredient in household cleaning, personal care and cosmetic products. It is helpful in treating oily skin that is one of the main causes of acne. This product may be unsafe when used before surgery or other medical procedures. Consumption of lemon myrtle strengthens your immune system, thus providing you protection against several health issues. Therefore, a product containing 1% lemon myrtle oil was found to be low in toxicity and could be used in the formulation of topical antimicrobial products.Hayes 2002. Noted for its sweet, lemony scent, Lemon Myrtle is extremely uplifting and vibrant, so it’s perfect for a range of aromatic applications. Lemon myrtle is an indigenous Australian ingredient with a long history of use as medicine and food. Concentration should not exceed 10 g/kg, 10 g/L, or 1%. Rheumatoid Arthritis is one of the common bone joint problems faced by people. Lemon myrtle can be your stress reliever. Products Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil The fresh, clean, citrus aroma of Lemon Myrtle essential oil is uplifting and refreshing. Lemon Myrtle is Antiviral. This yummy cheesecake combines the flavor of lemon myrtle and the crunchiness of nuts. Its leaves have strong lemon smell which can easily replace original lemon and work as a flavour. It is important to fully inform your doctor about the herbal, vitamins, mineral or any other supplements you are taking before any kind of surgery or medical procedure. Pure Lemon Myrtle essential oil contains an exceptionally high concentration of citral, the common name given to a naturally occurring mixture of geranial and neral. You can add lemon myrtle powder in your toothpaste for regular use. Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) is an absolute delight for any garden. Sometimes our body starts producing excess mucus and phlegm due to cold, flu or infection. Lemon Myrtle. With its elegant branches of foliage and fragrant, creamy Autumn flowers, it’s perfect as an ornamental shade tree or large shrub for any roomy garden. Studies have shown that Lemon Myrtle is a natural way of treating molluscum contagious. This crispy bread will definitely please your taste buds. Cramp can be defined as an involuntary muscle contraction which causes pain. While it may not seem as common as other Australia based essential oils, lemon myrtle essential oil has many of the same benefits. The anti-fungal property of lemon myrtle fights this infection by killing such fungus. The anti-viral property of lemon myrtle helps in treating influenza as well. As a topical product, the Australian CMEC recognizes the leaf oil of B. citriodora (lemon myrtle) as safe and suitable for use as an active ingredient at a concentration not exceeding 1% w/w. Lemon myrtle, (Backhousia citriodora) is basically a flowering plant, native to Australia. He was supposedly the first to identify the ingredient citral, which is 90% of the essential oil found in B. citriodora. Lemon myrtle is a tree which is basically originated from Australian region. It complements so many culinary delights, from fish and chicken to ice cream or sorbet. Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) is a beautiful Australian shrub naturally occurring in the wetter coastal areas of northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. Let us know by commenting in the box below! Lemon myrtle is particularly beneficial for those who cannot sleep peacefully. The Complementary Medicines Evaluation Committee (CMEC) of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) reported the proposed use as an antiseptic therapy in the treatment of pimples and acne. But the name lemon myrtle rather sounds unfamiliar to most of us, doesn’t it? Sucking on them provided both hydration and a boost of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Cinnamon myrtle and aniseed myrtle are two close relatives and all can be used in cooking. As the names say, it is heavily aromatic and has a characteristic taste. Apart from its esteemed culinary and fragrance value lemon myrtle is both a powerful calmative when used as a tea and a powerful antimicrobial and antifungal agent. Topical 10% solution of lemon myrtle essential oil showed a 90% reduction of symptoms in children treated for Molluscum contagiosum. The disease-fighting high-antimicrobial properties in the leaves were released by chewing them or crushing them into a paste. Containing upwards of 96% of the aldehyde citral (geranial and neral), it possesses a clear, strong lemon aroma that far surpasses Lemon Essential Oil in lemony intensity. Identification of the essential oils was authenticated by enantioselective capillary gas chromatographic and isotope-ratio mass spectrometry coupled online with capillary gas chromatography.Nhu-Trang 2006 The Australian TGA and the CMEC indicated that B. citriodora leaf oil was about 98% citral.Complementary Medicine 2012, The other main chemovar, citronellal, can contribute up to 80%, which makes the leaves unsuitable for commercial use. If you are having sinusitis problem, then Lemon myrtle oil can be of great help. Sinus Infection. Scientific Name(s): Backhousia citriodora F. For the Mind. This lemon myrtle tree grows up to a height of 60 feet. When 0.18 mg/cm2 of the essential oil was applied to the skin for 8 hours, the damage due to the citral component affected only epidermal cells. It is also used in hair care products like shampoos and conditioners. Lemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) is a citrus-fragranced spice that is native to coastal regions of Australia. Found mainly in Australia, lemon myrtle is a lemon scented sweet-smelling plant that is heavily aromatic and offers a characteristic taste to your dishes. The botanical name of lemon myrtle is backhousia citriodora. B. citriodora leaf oil is about 98% citral. In spring new growth is tinged red and in summer you’ll get abundant clusters of … The anti-viral property of lemon myrtle makes it a remedy to treat molluscum contagious. Asthma is a lung disease in which the air passage swells and narrows causing difficulty in breathing. Cytotoxicity values ranged from 0.008% to 0.014% (w/v) at 4 hours to 0.003% to 0.012% (w/v) at 24 hours of exposure.Hayes 2003, One gram of Backhousia leaves was extracted in 50 mL of methanol, and the 15.7 mg/mL extract was found to be effective against 2 gram-positive bacteria (Bacillus cereus, Bacillus subtilis) and 2 gram-negative bacteria (Aeromonas hydrophilia, Pseudomonas) in a disk-diffusion method.Complementary Medicines 2012, Thirty-one children were treated with a 10% solution of B. citriodra for the viral infection M. contagiosum. This … Given below are a few lemon myrtle recipes that you can try. The use of this herb cleanses the mouth thus providing protection from various infection causing bacteria and viruses. B. citriodora (lemon myrtle) is a small genus with 6 species located in tropical regions of eastern Queensland and northeastern New South Wales, Australia. 8 Fascinating Uses Of Papaya Leaf Juice For Glowing Skin And Well-being, 4 Side Effects Of Indian Gooseberry That Can Make You Think Twice About Consuming It, 18 Best Benefits Of Green Almonds For Skin, Hair And Health. Its application soothes the affected area and also reduces inflammation. A healthy immune system means fewer health issues because of a stronger immune system that is vital to combat diseases. It can also be used in tea. Lemon myrtle can be helpful in treating oral health issues like ulcers, irritation, tooth problems, etc. The committee recognized that additional data was needed to determine any safety risk posed by B. citriodora and approved the oil derived from the leaf for topical use only. Lemon Myrtle helps in reducing the muscle cramps and menstrual cramps. When concentrated, citral-rich essential oils can be irritating to the skin.Hegarty 2001, The Australian TGA approved oil derived from the leaf as safe for topical use only. Medically reviewed by Drugs.com. Add macadamias and mix until they distribute evenly in the mixture. It also contains high concentration of valuable minerals such as zinc, calcium, and … You can take lemon myrtle essential oil with honey for relief from sore throat. How did you like this post? Lemon myrtle is a rainforest tree, native to sub-tropical Queensland, growing 6-8 metres high, with a width of 3-5 metres. Lemon Myrtle is without a doubt the most popular of Australia’s native herbs, with its fresh fragrance of creamy lemon and lime. You can give the desired shape to these by using a cutter. Of the treated group, 81% demonstrated a 90% reduction of lesions in 30 days compared with the vehicle, olive oil.Burke 2004 (van der wouden 2009), Flowers and fruits are used as flavorings, antiseptics, and surface disinfectants, and in foods as a natural antimicrobial agent.Hegarty 2001, Hess-Buschmann 2004, The leaves and flowers are used in tea blends and beverages, dairy biscuits, breads, confectionery, pasta, syrups, liqueurs, flavoured oils, packaged fish (salmon), and dipping and simmer sauces.Konczak 2010, Dosages include 15.7 mg/mL of leaf extract in methanol as an antibacterial agentComplementary Medicines 2012 and 3 cups per day of 2 to 4 mL of a 1% alcoholic solution.Pengelly 1991, 0.18 mg/cm2 of 1% lemon myrtle oil applied topically at exposure durations of 8 hours has been used as a topical antimicrobial.Hayes 2003, Hayes 2002, For beverages, 2 leaves per liter have been used; dry lemon myrtle leaves have also been sprinkled on foods.Hegarty 2001. It has attractive dark green leaves, a low-branching habit and is adorned with clusters of white flowers in summer. For this purpose you can bath by adding lemon myrtle oil in a bathtub before going to sleep or drink lemon myrtle tea before bed. The anti-inflammatory property of lemon myrtle helps in reducing inflammation and gives relief. This herb, exciting the world over, is used in everything from creating wonderful and unique gourmet dishes, exotic teas and beautiful lemon-smelling soaps. The leaves are used to produce essential oil, make tea or as a cooking ingredient. People often tend to believe that herbal products or components do not cause any adverse effects on the human body. Lemon ironbark is Eucalyptus staigeriana and it also contains citral, but in lower concentrations.Australian 2012, The genus is named after the British botanist James Backhouse (1794 to 1869), and the specific epithet, citriodora, comes from the richly scented lemon leaves.