Top synonyms for scumbag (other words for scumbag) on this page are swine, cur and lout. 12 synonyms for scum bag: dirty dog, git, lowlife, puke, rotter, skunk, so-and-so, stinker, stinkpot, bum, crumb, rat. Change your default dictionary to American English. What are another words for Slimeball? Scumbag. How many pages does My Self Scumbag have? Full list of synonyms for Slimeball is here. Antonyms for scum bag. In any event, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Oxford English Dictionary date “scumbag,” in reference to a used condom, to 1967, with the first known use of “scum” meaning “semen,” according to the OED, being in that same year in Wentworth & Flexner’s Dictionary of American Slang. Definition of SCUMBAG. 0 0. to call someone a cretan was the worst thing you could call a man. scumbagnoun, slang . 1 decade ago. Definition and synonyms of scumbag from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Scumbag synonyms. Definition of scumbag in the dictionary. Page 2. Find more ways to say whore, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. I've always known it as the spanish word for scumbag… What does scumbag mean? —Thomas Blount, Glossographia, 1565 By contrast with jackeen, kern is an English insult with an Irish origin. Another word for whore. In fact some men killed over it … Synonyms for scum bag in Free Thesaurus. Steven Masters i This is the British English definition of scumbag.View American English definition of scumbag. More 100 Slimeball synonyms. What is a desgraciado? another word for pirate is scumbag. Information and translations of scumbag in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … See more. My Self Scumbag has 368 pages. The Man with a Thousand Names by A. E. Van Vogt (1974) – I can’t say when I picked this up that I knew what to expect from a grand master like Mr. Van Vogt, but I was surprised by the original concept and the sheer audacity of his willingness to give us a rotter of a protagonist. (noun) Meaning of scumbag. What are synonyms for scum bag? Rapacious definition, given to seizing for plunder or the satisfaction of greed. We take a Kern most commonly for a Farmer or Country Bumpkin. Scumbag, sleazeball, dirtbag. :12 A certain one of them their own prophet said: "Cretans are always liars, injurious wild beasts, unemployed guttons." What does scumbag mean? a person whose behavior is offensive to others